Volunteering at the CWBR is all about two-way experiences - it's all about give and take and not just giving. We all share our knowledge and skills, helping to build a better  environment for everyone. 

You will learn, laugh, grow, ache, see, feel and experience a multitude of cultures, landscapes, wildlife, people, places and situations. 

You can join one of our existing projects, help us develop new initiatives, develop your own ideas or any combination of these that matches your interests and passion. 

 We have volunteers of all ages and back grounds - from school leavers to retired professionals and for periods of a week to 3 years. 

“Nobody ever leaves the same” is a comment from a volunteer.  

 If you can’t be here in Franschhoek then you can join our team of ‘remote' volunteers who help with projects from their armchairs and offices all over the world. Don’t just sit there - get involved!