'La Source' Painting gains Guinness Recognition

Last weekend marked the one-year anniversary of the local unveiling of La Source, the 20-meter long painting by advocate and artist Charles Frank, done in collaboration with CWBR, to create awareness of biosphere reserves (locally and internationally). The work biosphere’s and their partners do.

The painting has now received recognition by Guinness World Records, officially breaking the record in September 2018 as ‘World’s largest oil painting by a single artist’!

The painting was unveiled at the local winery Haut Espoir in Franschhoek during the Uncorked Festival 14th – 16th September, in 2018. After which it travelled to Europe and featured at the Annual Dutch Art Fair in Amsterdam, and later on displayed in Luxembourg at Athénéé School. The painting was reported on in local and international newspapers reaching audiences locally and worldwide. 

The painting is currently in Europe with very exciting plans for the next part of its journey in 2020!

The Inspiration for the Painting

In all the projects, people, water conservation, and environmental awareness are integral, therefore awareness of the Berg river became a natural choice. It is a link between all the projects within Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve. The Berg river catchment area is also the life blood to all communities, businesses, and agriculture within the area.

The Partners

For the duration of sketching and painting the canvas, Haut Espoir kindly offered the site of the painting to be in their tasting room, giving an opportunity for the public to see the progress as the painting evolved and to engage in the whole project.

Haut Espoir, meaning ‘High Hope’, belonging to the Armstrong family, produce wine in harmony with nature, focused on biodynamic farming practices and water conservation. The majority of the farm dedicated to fynbos restoration and a riverine ecosystem, hosts a beautiful abundance of indigenous plant, animal life, and farming. Haut Espoir is part of the Franschhoek Conservancy.

Dala sponsored the paint. As a company they are constantly improving their formulas to stay on top of science and technology, with nature and conservation in mind. Dala regularly reach out to communities through competitions, award ceremonies, and have an active interest in finding and supporting the talent of young South African artists. Through an ongoing relationship, they provide continued encouragement and sponsor material to these artists. 

Dala, meaning ‘to bring into existence’ in Xhosa and a South Africa slang for ‘doing it your way’.

Celine Macdonald