Food for thought - An article on Catchment Area Restoration

Introduction by Guy Palmer

This article sets out very clearly the situation with regard to water supply and the management of the upper catchments and the problems related there to.

The principle management authority for the upper catchments, CapeNature, has the data to plan and execute this exercise properly given the correct financial and physical support. The top down approach to catchment management has been advocated for years but, as explained in the article, logic and finances do not always talk the same language. The core of the Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve forms part of the extensive upper mountain catchment of the Western Cape and is strategically placed to above some of the major dams supplying water to the Cape metropole and further.

These catchments are also part of the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas World Heritage Site.

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Written by jasper Singsby and Mark Botha

Celine Macdonald