Activity Day at the Biosphere Hub

with Bonnie People Project, MAKE, and Care Career Connection

Arranged by Luxembourg volunteers, the purpose was to have a kids’ fun activity day and to provide the opportunity for the facilitators from the organizations to get to know each other better.

The two groups from different areas arrived just after 9, ready for a packed programme. The kids got to know each other over breakfast and were excited about the day ahead.

They were split into groups for the hike up to a viewpoint overlooking the valley. The purpose of splitting into smaller groups was to encourage the children from the different areas to interact with each other.

Once back, the children rotated between activities which included karate, dance, art and crafts and food gardening. Members of Care Career Connections arrived just in time for lunch and had time to join in some of the activities.

For lunch the volunteers prepared hamburgers, salads, and for dessert, a delicious ice-cream!

To mark the event with a memorable item to take home, the children left with tote bags on which they had made personalized prints and an apple for the road.

It was a very successful day with laughter, play, learning new things, and getting to know new people. Two boards, with the Bonnie and CWBR logo were also signed by all who attended the day.

Celine Macdonald