A Space of Environmental Awareness and Greenery

Arranged by Balance the Future PTY Ltd, for Mandela Day this year, CWBR joined with a voluntary team from Taquanta again. The project was to revamp the outdoor space in Noah Old Age Home. Through team work, the garden has been filled with vegetable seedlings, herbs and colourful flowers. The surrounding walls and flower pots have been painted, a wormery has been built and installed, and the weathered memorial bench has been sanded and varnished. A new, spacious garden for the residents to take a stroll in and enjoy has been created. The veggies, once grown to full size, will feed the community through both NOAH Take Away and the community kitchen.

Everyone was treated to muffins, coffee and tea by NOAH after the planting had been done.

Through CWBR’s assistance with budget and finding a local landscaping maintenance company to keep the garden flourishing, Taquanta’s sponsorship has been extended to a year of monthly follow-ups. The Old Age home has also sourced a volunteer with green fingers to do the weekly upkeep of the garden. CWBR will visit with more seedlings and regular follow-ups to see how the garden is progressing.

The first visit to the garden, which was green and wild though in need of helping hands and continuous care. CWBR with the landscaping and maintenance team revitalizing the garden, making it ready for Mandela Day.

CWBR preparing the garden, mixing mulch into the soil and placing trays of seedlings ready for Taquanta to plant. Taquanta volunteer painting the pots white and green to give them a fresh new look.

Flowers and seedling planting. CWBR team member finds a caterpillar while planting flowers.