Learn about South African Biosphere Reserves

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South Africa has ten UNESCO designated biosphere reserves. Recently a booklet was produced to showcase the total impact of the MAB Programme in the country. The story of biosphere reserves and the impact they have on South Africa is powerful, therefore the main goal of this booklet is to communicate the collective value of biosphere reserves. Included is information on the MAB Programme in specific, Sustainable Development Goals, the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, UNESCO’s Lima Action Plan, as well as detailed information on each of the ten existing biosphere reserves. In conclusion, the impact of biosphere reserves is organised in accordance with  four core pillars, namely 

(1) Biodiversity Conservation, Awareness and Research

(2) Employment and Quality of Life

(3) Ecosystem Services

(4) Facilitation

It is believed that the booklet will contribute towards awareness and better understanding of the MAB Programme and the benefits that biosphere reserves have on both people and the greater landscape.