Hikes & Camps Environmental Education

CWBR aims to expose all communities together to the importance of enjoying and preserving the natural environment and eco-systems. 

Camps range from 1 to 5 days, with hikes ranging from 10 – 80 km. They are facilitated by professional guides. Volunteers, both local and from overseas, contribute to the programme based on their skills and knowledge. They provide, for example, classes in art, drawing in nature, photography, orientation, team-building, observation and identification skills.

The natural environment becomes an outdoor classroom where respect for fauna and flora can be developed. This provides the visiting group, guides, volunteers, and teachers alike, opportunities to obtain new perspectives, and it encourages cross-cultural integration and knowledge. 

Dependent on the group and the program requested, a hike or camp may include the following environmental education: 

  • Eco-systems and natural heritage

  • Indigenous fauna and flora in the Western Cape

  • Water sources and water consciousness

  • Interpretation and discussion of the role of humans and their culture in the natural environment

  • Geology

  • Tracks and identification

  • Evening stars, the moon and orientation using stars

  • Food sustainability, nutrition, up-cycling materials and how to start a food garden in one’s home.

    These hikes and camps are sponsored by Athénéé Action Humanitaire and their volunteers

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