Disability Support

Care Career Connections (CCC) runs a programme which aims to provide support and training in local communities. CCC specializes in helping the intellectually challenged and disabled through the teaching and academic support within the home of personal development and independent-living skills.

The focus is to give each participant the opportunity to gain skills to seek a job in a field which they are passionate about. CCC encourages greater acceptance and understanding within the community and workplace for people with disabilities.

Through fundraising by Athénéé Action Humanitaire, CWBR helps fund the management team, educational staff, a horticultural garden, material for arts & crafts activities, and basic mechanics. 

The CCC vegetable garden not only feeds the staff and students but also produces enough produce to sell.

CWBR has supplied a fully equipped training kitchen, where CCC will teach cooking, safety, and nutritional skills. 

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