McGregor camp, engaging with nature

Last weekend, The Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve, together with Breede Centre, organised an educational camp in the beautiful surroundings of McGregor.

The weekend’s camp included hikes, games, stories, swimming and great meals cooked on a bonfire. The children and instructors had great fun and all are looking forward to more camps and activities to take place this summer! 

Both The Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve and the Breede Centre believe that every child should have the opportunity to engage with nature and broaden their minds through travel. The Breede Centre’s vision is to teach practical skills to the locals and inspire people of all ages to find their life’s passion and the direction they want to move in.

Below you can find an after-movie we made available for you to have a better look at our action-packed weekend!

Celine MacdonaldHikes