Lekker (and hectic) day at the CWBR farm

Last Monday, two of our our volunteers took eFata children out to the Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve farm!

6 weeks ago, the CWBR welcomed two young volunteers from Luxembourg, Ophélie and Jana. During their 6 months stay, Ophélie and Jana are assisting teachers at eFata School in Groendal, and organising educational activities for the eFata children. eFata School is a kindergarten for 5-40 Xhosa infants and children, ranging between 3 months to 7 year old children.

Last Monday, Ophélie and Jana, decided to treat the eFata children and take them out to the CWBR farm. During their outing to the farm, the children were given the opportunity to participate in growing the vegetables, which are then used for their school meals. CWBR have a special vegetable bed, just for eFata School. 

CWBR runs many youth educational programmes and finds it very important for children to have a chance to do gardening and understand the great joy and benefits of learning such a skill.

As eFata School does not have their own playground or a backyard at school, the eFata children will be visiting the CWBR farm once a week to see their vegetables grow and enjoy the vast space to run around and play. During their visits, the children will also have the chance to interact with the 16 rabbits, cats, dogs and horse which live on the CWBR farm. 

Volunteer with children

Volunteer with children