Youth Empowering

Moses Africa Kids Empowerment Youth Programme (MAKE) is a programme established in 2009 by local young people in collaboration with Paarl Development Paddling. The aim was to reach out to other young people in the Paarl communities and provide a learning environment to assist those who need support with their studies. 

The project has also become a space for young people to connect. It equips them with skills, knowledge, tools, and understanding of work ethic to enable them to go confidently into adulthood and the workplace. Participants explore new interests. They are provided with skills development sessions, day outings, and are encouraged, where possible, to give back through community service. 

CWBR volunteers assist with studies, help individuals explore their potential, and share life experiences and cross-cultural knowledge. This gives valuable experience to participants and volunteers alike, preparing them for a successful future.

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