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Guiding & Life Skills

Using the Field Guides Association of South Africa (FGASA) Level 1 registered course as a core, CWBR, have developed an intensive Field Guide and Life skills course. The course is open to all communities and ages and helps provide cross-cultural and management skills to the participants. 

The head facilitator, Louis Willemse, and lecturers are specialists in their field and many are internationally recognized. Topics are kept up to date with developments in business, hospitality, and tourism. Making each course different from the last. 

For the practical, students go on an overland trip to visit places of historical, cultural, geological, and conservational importance in the Western Cape. 

The course includes the following modules: 

  • Cosmology and Astronomy 

  • Geography and Geology 

  • Weather Forecasting and Interpretation 

  • Ecology – Marine and terrestrial

  • Botany and Biomes 

  • Animal and plant behavior and tracking

  • History

  • Overlanding 

  • Navigation and advanced map reading. Cuisine and etiquette

  • Photography and art

  • Advanced first aid

  • Basic science and mathematics 

  • Information Technology

  • Budgeting and planning control

  • Leadership and management 

  • Public speaking 

CWBR also facilitates bi-annual FGASA meetings in the Western Cape wherein people from all disciplines of conservation and tourism get together to network, give talks, and have discussions. 

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